Hi Dear Friends … One of the things that i love in life is this Transferware. So, Today i gathered  some intresting  facts as well as lovely pictures of Transferware.


Transferware is a style of ceramics including pottery, dinnerware, and other delicate items. Its signature feature is delicate patterns applied through transfer printing. Developed in late 18th-century England, transferware can be earthenware, ironstone, porcelain, or china.

Transferware as decoration

Transferware as decoration

The invention of transfer printing originally made fine china affordable for middle class families, but transferware has since become a valuable collector’s item.

Transferware Process

Transferware Process

Brown Transferware

Brown Transferware

The most common colors are two-tone in color. Blue & white, red & white and brown & white.

Brown transfeware milk pitcher

Brown transfeware milk pitcher

Collecting antique transferware has become popular in recent decades.

Red transferware

Red transferware

Transferware’s worth depends on date, rarity of pattern, and print quality.

Blue Transferware

Blue Transferware

Blue transferware teapot

Blue transferware teapot

If you are intresting in more information you might want to read Nancy’s Blog. She is very Professional and have been collecting English transferware for over 20 years.  http://nancysdailydish.blogspot .

See You next time  XOXO  Rachel

Credits: Thougts from Alice , Pinterest ,Nancydailydish.

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Fabulous in fur


Hi There,

It is SO cold outside ….I bet there are many people out there that belives that this winter is the coldest winter we experiencing  in many years.

If you go to any city, like New York, or other places where it’s cold—you can see people wear fur. It is known that there’s nothing warmer than fur.

The fur industry first boomed during the Great Depression at the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Buying or wearing a fur is a very controversial issue… Its up to each one of you to decide wether You’re with it, or against it.

Becouse the winter is still here in full power (meaning VERY COLD)  I just wanted to make you feel a little warm even just by looking on all this gorgeous vintage Actors & models wearing a warm fur coat.

 vintage fur collar

vintage fur collar

Sophia Loren - Harper’s Bazaar, 1959.

Sophia Loren - Harper’s Bazaar, 1959.

Louise Cromwell poses in fox furs, 1911.

Louise Cromwell poses in fox furs, 1911.

long fur coat

long fur coat

Marilyn Monroe in white fur

Marilyn Monroe in white fur

Catherine Deneuve -Vogue, 1968.

Catherine Deneuve -Vogue, 1968.

white fur hat

white fur hat

…Stay warm out there, Friends.

XOXO  Rachel


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Snow – Is it romantic or not?

Hey Friends …

Snow is it romantic or not ? I’m curious.. what are you thinking ?

Ok. So let me try…If I will gather all your thoughts to one conclusion…Would you agree that snow can be described with all the ad words in your language you just know, if you have to live with it Specially in the city, after a huge storm when your car is stuck/buried in it and so on…

On the other hand, it can be described with all the good words you know…So quiet, white, dreamy, clean, romantic…of course only when it first drops…

Next time when you are stuck in a situation where you need to clear your way out of a mountain of snow just upload one f this awesome pictures in your vision and imagine being i the scene of the one you loved the most…

Who is agreeing with me ??

…I would love to stay with the positive thoughts, and here is why…

Snow vacation

Snow Kiss

Snow Kiss

Snow Ride

Snow Ride

Snow wedding

Snow share

Snow hug











Next time when you stuck in a situation where you need to clear your way out of a mountains of snow Just  upload one of this awesome pictures in your vision and imagine being in the scene of the one you loved the most ….. you may feel much better!

 If you can’t beat it… Eat it.

Here is a recipe for an old fashion treat to make when the snow fresh and clean

  • 3 cups loose clean snow
  • 2 tbsp. milk
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • Mix all the ingredients, sample the result, and add more sugar and vanilla extract to taste. (if you like, you can put the bowl outdoors to collect it as it falls)
Snow Ice cream

Snow Ice cream

“The Eskimos had fifty two names for snow Because it was important to them: There ought to be as many for LOVE”  ~Margaret Atwood

Stay warm and loved. XOXO  Rachel


& Credits- SnowHug

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Le Ballon Rouge / The Red Balloon

Hi Friends,

It’s been a long time since I wrote you the last time…but today I am back.

AND I really want to share with you a short classic French Film by Albert Lamorisse.

Since it is so cold outside this is the best time for an entertainment, such as cuddling with your kids under a fluffy blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and watch classic movies together.

 I saw this short tale lately with kids…I can tell you that I enjoyed it as much as the kids did, or maybe even more. (Hey, you know I love vintage).

This simplistic tale is called – “Le Ballon Rouge” – the red balloon, from 1956.

 It’s a tale with a minimum dialogue about a companionship between a little kid named Pascal and a red balloon that he found in the fascinating streets of Paris.
 Here I found some lovely pics that describe some scenes…To those that are not familiar with the story, I will not reveal it a all.

So Cute …  Pascal

Finding the Balloon

Playing with it

Going together everywhere

I cant stop posting more pictures… but i have to keep my promise ….

SO if you loved it run to see it. You will not regret it !!


Stay warm and have a lovely red day. See you next time  …  XOXO  Rachel

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Little Ballerina


Hello Friends…

How are you? How is the winter by you? Here in NY is getting very cold. I hear that more and more people getting cold …

So hopefully you taking care of yourself and keeping warm! I want to bless all of us with a Healthy Winter …

Finally i finished one of my projects that i have set for my little princes friend’s daughter …  its came out SO lovely that i have to share you!

Tutu for my little princes

Ta-Da here is it … So cute it just ready to dance with the little 2 years old …

Here is from a closer look

Ready to gift !! It look so like a flower bouquet …

Here is a vintage big eyed Ballerinas painting that i really really love. Its from 1960s by Maio.

The ‘Big Eyed’ art of the 1960′s was made popular by the artists Keane, Igor, Maio, and Eden and was collected by celebrities such as Joan Crawford and Natalie Wood. This mass produced art form although popular with the masses was shunned by series art collectors, however due to the resurgence of the low brow art movements, these wonderful paintings and their artists have regained interest and a new audience.

See you here next time …  XOXO  Rachel


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Light my world

Happy New Year to you All…

How was your holiday? Did you celebrate it by yourself or with your family ? Is there anything special that you wanted and got ?

Mine was so much fun. Gathering together, gifting, decorating, hosting, partying…and even vacationing. Everything was absolutely great! I really love this season of the year.

Now everything gets back to normal…slowly slowly the beautiful lights that decorated the city and the houses are turning off and the gray cold winter replaces them…It feels much different. This is the moment when I start to count down the days until spring.

I love lights. Natural light during the day is my best friend, but during the evening I love candles and smart set up lights…It can change your environment so much.

Light is our number one nutrient and has been called the medicine of the future. That’s why there is so much attention and instruction how to light a place…

So to keep the light on, I gathered here today some ideas of what we can do with the beautiful lights from the Holiday decoration.



disposable dixie cups

Wrapped around mirror

Wrapped around mirror

Hung it anywhere

Hung it anywhere

Heart Doilies

Heart Doilies

Disposable paper cups

Disposable paper cups

Inside lamp or glass Jar

As an inspiration Garland

As an inspiration Garland

Just use your imagination….

I wanna wish you all Happy full of light (inside & out) New Year ….   XOXO  Rachel


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Happy Thanksgiving …

For flowers that bloom about our feet;

For tender grass, so fresh, so sweet;

For song of bird, and hum of bee;

For all things fair we hear or see, Father in heaven, we thank Thee!

~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone ! I would love to thank all of you for supporting me and my creation in any way…

XOXO  Rachel









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As cozy as it can be …

Cozy ….

Oh … how I love this word!

Let’s see…What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you hear this word?

I know. It associates with many nice things that give us a feeling of comfort, warmth and relaxation…

I have had lots of cozy thoughts lately, since our Mamma Nature opened the doors to the fall, that came with its entire strength.

Brrr…it’s really cold. The wind is whistling out there between the half naked branches of the trees. We have the heat on already. So, this is the perfect time to get cozy in any way you like …

One of things that associate me with the “cozy feeling” is this type of knitting called “Cable knit”, which I really really love. Today, I gathered some amazing  ideas to get us cozy together …


Cable knit throw blanket

Cable knit throw blanket

Hand Knitted armchair

Hand Knitted armchair

So Cozy ...

So Cozy ...

Knitted candle holders

Knitted candle holders

coziness even for crayons

coziness even for crayons/plants

Is in it cozy ? Now, We just need a sip from a favorite flavor tea or hot chocolate with some yummy cookies aside and the picture will be 100 percent completely .

Tea cup and Teapot knitted holders

Tea cup and Teapot knitted holders


But lets not forget that while we are warm and cozy in our place there is some people out there that still living the results of “Hurricane Sandy”

As of today, They are still in the dark without electricity, heat , food or warm clothe ….and even worse then that, without a house.

I really couldn’t believe it till i saw it in my eyes.

If you wish to donate anything you can, to this poor victims, its very simply process through American Red Cross   and I’m sure you will be a huge help !!

Have a cozy fall Everyone …  XOXO  Rachel



Credits: Hand Knitted armchair,    Pinterst

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Missed you ….

Hi My Dear Readers,

How are you?

I am so happy to be back here again. It’s been a long time since I wrote you the last time. Wow…Wow…I missed you a lot !!!

Today I would like to share with you my little story why I have been far away from you.

In the last few months I passed through a very hard time…breaking up a very long relationship, looking for a new place in that will fit my budget which is very hard to find here in NY and finally moving all by myself  and little help from good friends (I don’t have family in the U.S )

…But the cherry on the top was, that my computer died. (Now I see it as a sign of “forget & let it go” since the computer was the only thing that I had left from him).

You will ask yourself why I am telling you all this. Because here started all my problems of getting my information from the dead computer…At the end and thanks to a good friend I am here again and hopefully will not leave you again…

So… this is my short story version of all few last months But after all you know what,  it worth it big time. I just love my new life, new job and of course my new place !!! One day when i will finish to set it up i will show you some pictures…

That's true I missed you too ...

XoXo   Rachel

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Its My Etsyversery — One year …

Hi Everyone.

This month I’m celebrating one year since i joined Etsy ..Wooohooo.. I’m So happy!!! looking forward for more successful and creative years!

Happy Birthday "Vintage By Rachel"

Happy Birthday "Vintage By Rachel"

Now Its the perfect time for Birthday surprise  …
ALL purchases this month will get FREE GIFT !!! So.. Hurry up and come by to purchase something for you or your beloved ones today!

Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions, special request or custom orders. I would love to hear from you!

See  You Soon    XoXo   Rachel  


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