Happy Blog Hop

Hi Everyone

This is my first time joining blog hop .
Blog Hop is basically fun way to meet more friends and discover new lovely blogs … It’s also can help you gain more followers. It’s absolutely great idea …. So spread the word and check it out.
This hop will last till Friday, February 24, 2012.




Come Celebrate My Birthday with Me….

Hello Dear friends …. Do You love B-days ?

I will tell you the truth – I Love Birthdays but there is part that I also don’t.

And I will tell you why. The part of I don’t like it …. I think it happen to me just after i passed my 30 … I’m just not excited anymore as I used to be. Because it’s remind me that I’m getting another year older… I know I’m not even in a half of my 30’s. When I was young I thought 30 is SO big , By the time i will be 30 I will be …. I will do…. I will Visit…. Yes, I did & I’m doing (maybe just some of this list) But still … The years just going up …

So you know what lets say that I hate NUMBERS but if we will leave the numbers aside here come the part I love . I love myself thinking that I’m still young (After all It’s all in our head) I love the party … I love the cake … I Love the decoration… I love surprises And I love the Presents !!!

That’s why This year I’m gonna celebrate it with YOU and pamper you with B-DAY SURPRISE …. With every Purchase you make from my store you will receive free gift ! (until they run out!)  So you and all of your friends invited to the party …  Just find something that you absolutely love for yourself or your loved ones !!!

Here, I want to share with you some lovely Vintage Birthday Greeting Cards that i found in amazing website that it’s idea touched my heart . You can check it also at global handcrafters~ By buying from this lovely website you helping support the Artisans whom are women from Bangladesh.(The prices are very reasonable ).


I really love each one of them !!!











… I’m Very happy That I’m “old” enough to have the original “vintage” pictures too. Yes, This is me!!! ( i just scaned the pictures as is)It’s so amazing to see how the photography world changed since then.

Hey… Don’t forget to Stop by  My B-day Party  with you friends. I’m waiting you there with surprise …. xoxo   Rachel 


Valentine’s Day Love Contest


Hi Everyone.

I would really love to see how my jewelry looks on you. so if you have one, please post it on my FB Fan Page .

Anyone who will send me a photo of themselves or someone else wearing my jewelry(You don’t need to show face if you don’t like ) will get a coupon code worth 20% off their next order And will Join my Love Contest on Valentine’s Day Feb 14th.  The winner will receive Set of My poplar Love birds hair pin & roses earrings (You will choose the color that you would like).

Please send me the pictures to vintagebyrachel@gmail.com or you can post on my FB fan page,  in the highest resolution you can, please note that I will be using some of the pictures for promotion in my shop, blog and facebook page.

You will win set as in the picture above, you can also choose the color of flower you would like (Pink, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Purple, Hot Pink and Black ).

So…. Start taking smiley pictures !!

xoxo   Rachel