Countdown to the 4th

Hello Everyone …

How are you? I hope everyone is having a lovely (and hot!) summer so far …

Independence day is almost here…  So Today I would love to feature a few of vintage postcards honoring and cheering the red, white and blue.

July 4th card1

July 4th card2

July 4th card3

July 4th card5

July 4th card6

July 4th card7

July 4th card8

July 4th card9

July 4th card10

July 4th card11

July 4th card12

July 4th card13

July 4th card14

July 4th card15

Lewistown, Montana, ca. 1910. Card published by Frank Pick, Lewistown by Charles E. Morris, Chinock
"Street Scene, Fourth of July, Pendleton, Oregon," 1909


So… How do you show your patriotic spirit? How do you celebrate the holiday?

Have a wonderful holiday week & Happy Independence day !!  Don’t forget to Thank every American solider you see for their service to this country.

Go-d Bless America …  XoXo   Rachel  




“Here Comes the Bride” …

Hi my lovely readers,

Today, I would like to share with you something that made me very happy …
Few weeks ago i got a kindly request from a bride to be that would like to have my love bird hair pins with the pearl heart for all of her cousins and other close friends.
Of course i was very happy first of all for her wedding and second its a pleasure for me to make them, It’s really nice to know that someone out there love and appreciate your art/design.
So, I’m going to share with you here some of pictures i took along the process … Lol I feel like “Mama bird” proud of her chicks.


Closer look ...


Sitting comfortably on the box cushions


Wrapped nicely with lots of Love


Nature background

I had to take this picture, with my lovely window view, the big green tree that using as a  background

Bye Bye ...


Hope You enjoyed today Post …

Have a Lovely day  XoXo  Rachel  



Ruler Up

Hey, I have a question for you: What would you do with your old wood rulers??

Yes, yes, it’s not a mistake…The lovely old wood rulers that once were good friends of each kid school’s back pack come back to life big time.

If you happen to save some from your old school days…I gathered here a collection of some brilliant ideas which we can use with this “geek” tool.


Right time to design your wood rulers


Sewing kit - trims/ ribbons holder


Posts cards / Books self
Posts cards / Books self


Awesome stairs


drawer knobs
drawer knobs


Picture frame
Picture frame


wall hanger
business card holder

So…. what do you think ? Isn’t amazing ??  I love wood items … and if they are old even more.

I found here some stores on Etsy, to purchase beautiful wood rulers items :

Christmas Tree Display 

Charms Made from vintage rulers 

Upcycled Wood sewing machine cabinet

Hope You enjoyed today Post …

Have a Lovely day  XoXo   Rachel  



Credits : Houzz, Darkroomdoor, BetterHomes.


Love Birds New design

Hi Everyone ….

How are you doing?
Here in NY the weather become a bit crazy lately. One day is hot, you feel like summer and two three days after its cold again …Today Morning our landlord even turn on the hit, (53 F)Can you believe it ? Waaa… And i thought we are done with winter!

I want to share with you my new Love bird hair pin design …!!

Love birds with gold heart Hair Pin
Hair pin Love birds on a branch with Bow Ribbon


There is more to come so….  Stay toned!!

Have a Lovely day XoXo   Rachel  


Globe Trend


World maps and Globs are wonderful. They can take you to a mystery adventure only by looking at them.

World maps always connect us with a dreamy vacation in an exotic island, interesting jungles/forrests trips, cruising in the open Ocean, meeting different cultures, different food and different places…

Globes remind me of my school days when I was young. I was very curious and wondered what is hiding far there behind my country borders.

Vintage Globs collection
Vintage Globs collection

Today Old Maps and Globes become a lovely decor. People use their imagination and creativity to decorate houses and rooms in many interesting ways. I collected here some great ideas that I really love. Enjoy it!

Very Creative ideas


Hanging on the wall


Everywhere... Clothes, Old doors


Turquoise Match
Using simple frame on nice Old map
Beautiful Coasters
Heart shapes Garland


Now, You can Just Integrate some old maps in your landscape . If you have kids it’s even better, It awaken their curiosity about our universe, You can also tell them a story of a faraway country…

And…. Don’t ever stop dreaming !!!  XoXo   Rachel  


Credits : elledecorationindulgyEtsy , TheBluePrint.

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Love Birds and Roses


You know how much I love birds and roses especially when they come together ….. I have new sets in my store now, My best seller Love Bird Hair pin that comes with matching Roses stud earrings .

This set would be great for everyday, special occasions, or as a wonderful gift!

Set of Hair pin Love birds and blue Roses earrings

Hair pin Love birds on branch and stud Pink Roses earrings

The following colors here in chart are now available for you to choose. You can decide in which color you would love your set to be…

Colors chart

COLORS ~  Up row: Light mint, Light blue, Blue, Black, Gray, Brown. Down row: Purple, Hot Pink, Red, Salmon, Yellow and Lime.

I have a nice costumer that getting married soon. She would love her bridesmaids to wear this hair pins with hearts instead the flowers. I’m going to make now and will show you the results later…

… If you have any other ideas that you would like to see please let me know I would be very excited to help you make your dreams!!

See You soon  XoXo  Rachel 

My Birthday Getaway…

Hi dear readers.

As you know last weekend was my birthday… Today i would like to share with you my surprise getaway.

We rented lovely cottage  in South Hampton N.Y , 2 hours of driving and you are in totally different  environment  … The cottage is located in very small dead end road, very close to the beach.  Elena the lovely owner decorated the cottage in vintage chic , In every corner you will find a lovely treasure . The happy colors around make you feel like summer house. Even the weather wasn’t warm at all we enjoyed every minute …

You can reach Elena  Here 



Drinking my morning coffee in this lovely corner
Drinking my morning coffee in this lovely corner
The backyard
The backyard
View from the bedroom
View from the bedroom

Look who came to visit in the afternoon…

Information center

The next day we went to Montauk . On the way there, we found lovely little cities, small boutiques and stores and Old windmills.

There is also some points on the way that you can stop for breathtaking views…

Montauk Point Lighthouse and Museum
Montauk Point Lighthouse and Museum


The lighthouse from the back
The lighthouse from the back
Little rainbow in the wave
Little rainbow in the wave
Just a lovely view
Just a lovely view

My little Birthday getaway was short but was very relaxing and peaceful … It’s a new way for me to celebrate.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures… See you next time!!  xoxo   Rachel 


Happy Blog Hop

Hi Everyone

This is my first time joining blog hop .
Blog Hop is basically fun way to meet more friends and discover new lovely blogs … It’s also can help you gain more followers. It’s absolutely great idea …. So spread the word and check it out.
This hop will last till Friday, February 24, 2012.




Come Celebrate My Birthday with Me….

Hello Dear friends …. Do You love B-days ?

I will tell you the truth – I Love Birthdays but there is part that I also don’t.

And I will tell you why. The part of I don’t like it …. I think it happen to me just after i passed my 30 … I’m just not excited anymore as I used to be. Because it’s remind me that I’m getting another year older… I know I’m not even in a half of my 30’s. When I was young I thought 30 is SO big , By the time i will be 30 I will be …. I will do…. I will Visit…. Yes, I did & I’m doing (maybe just some of this list) But still … The years just going up …

So you know what lets say that I hate NUMBERS but if we will leave the numbers aside here come the part I love . I love myself thinking that I’m still young (After all It’s all in our head) I love the party … I love the cake … I Love the decoration… I love surprises And I love the Presents !!!

That’s why This year I’m gonna celebrate it with YOU and pamper you with B-DAY SURPRISE …. With every Purchase you make from my store you will receive free gift ! (until they run out!)  So you and all of your friends invited to the party …  Just find something that you absolutely love for yourself or your loved ones !!!

Here, I want to share with you some lovely Vintage Birthday Greeting Cards that i found in amazing website that it’s idea touched my heart . You can check it also at global handcrafters~ By buying from this lovely website you helping support the Artisans whom are women from Bangladesh.(The prices are very reasonable ).


I really love each one of them !!!











… I’m Very happy That I’m “old” enough to have the original “vintage” pictures too. Yes, This is me!!! ( i just scaned the pictures as is)It’s so amazing to see how the photography world changed since then.

Hey… Don’t forget to Stop by  My B-day Party  with you friends. I’m waiting you there with surprise …. xoxo   Rachel 


Valentine’s Day Love Contest


Hi Everyone.

I would really love to see how my jewelry looks on you. so if you have one, please post it on my FB Fan Page .

Anyone who will send me a photo of themselves or someone else wearing my jewelry(You don’t need to show face if you don’t like ) will get a coupon code worth 20% off their next order And will Join my Love Contest on Valentine’s Day Feb 14th.  The winner will receive Set of My poplar Love birds hair pin & roses earrings (You will choose the color that you would like).

Please send me the pictures to or you can post on my FB fan page,  in the highest resolution you can, please note that I will be using some of the pictures for promotion in my shop, blog and facebook page.

You will win set as in the picture above, you can also choose the color of flower you would like (Pink, Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Purple, Hot Pink and Black ).

So…. Start taking smiley pictures !!

xoxo   Rachel 


Suitcases full of Memories…


Hi Everyone…

Here I am back again after a long time being away from you…I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I am sure some of you may have traveled home or to an exotic getaway or any warm places…..

Did You took a suitcase with you ? Of course you did.

Suitcases are filled with memories of the past trips…The stickers and the tags, the wear and tear on old suitcases can indicate how old they are and how many memories and experiences they hold…

I have always been amazed by people’s imagination to turn out an old and used item to something truly beautiful and different. One of my new loves is the trend of using  old vintage suitcases in decor. Here I found some fabulous ways to reuse old suitcases to make them functional and creative.

Vintage Suitcase Furniture – Chairs










Coffee Tables










 wall cabinets



And of course Not to forget to pamper our pet  with these lovely pet beds









If You really love this ideas you can purchase this incredible items on Etsy  :

Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table
Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table

Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed

Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed with Pedestal base

…So next time when you unpack your suitcase from traveling  just remember that Your  Memories Are and always will be forever .

As I travel down life’s pathway,
Know not what the years may hold.
As I ponder, hopes grow fonder,
Precious memories flood my soul

(Bob Dylan)

Wishing you all a happy new year. See You Here again next time … xoxo   Rachel 

Credits: Flea-Market kristanlynn, hearthandmadeuk, Atomic Attic, Dingaling Vintage. 

Pink Roses

…Hope you all had a good gubble gubble Thanksgiving day…

Who doesn’t like Roses ???

I guess you already know that I’m in love with flowers… especially roses !! I really feel that Red roses symbolize the love (like in Valentine’s day). White Roses represent the purity and innocence (like bridle roses). And Pink roses Symbolizing gentility, femininity and soft romance.

Emma Goldman said : “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck.” It’s exactly what believe too !!!

Here are Some Pink roses lovely & Romantic items from my store on ETSY.                I’m also offering special Black Friday – Cyber Monday special gift comes with any purchase from my store (cute hair pin).

Pink Rose Necklace 

Love Birds Hair Pin 

Eiffel Tower with Pink Rose and Heart Charm Necklace

 Pink rose Stud earrings


See You next time …. xoxo   Rachel