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World maps and Globs are wonderful. They can take you to a mystery adventure only by looking at them.

World maps always connect us with a dreamy vacation in an exotic island, interesting jungles/forrests trips, cruising in the open Ocean, meeting different cultures, different food and different places…

Globes remind me of my school days when I was young. I was very curious and wondered what is hiding far there behind my country borders.

Vintage Globs collection
Vintage Globs collection

Today Old Maps and Globes become a lovely decor. People use their imagination and creativity to decorate houses and rooms in many interesting ways. I collected here some great ideas that I really love. Enjoy it!

Very Creative ideas


Hanging on the wall


Everywhere... Clothes, Old doors


Turquoise Match
Using simple frame on nice Old map
Beautiful Coasters
Heart shapes Garland


Now, You can Just Integrate some old maps in your landscape . If you have kids it’s even better, It awaken their curiosity about our universe, You can also tell them a story of a faraway country…

And…. Don’t ever stop dreaming !!!  XoXo   Rachel  


Credits : elledecorationindulgyEtsy , TheBluePrint.

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16 thoughts on “Globe Trend”

  1. This is a very creative way to make use of world maps by using them in another way that is both pleasing and useful to the eye. Thanks so much for taking us into a new world already. :)

  2. What a lovely blog! Very creative and interesting! The pictures are great and very colorful. I am already feeling that I am on a plane traveling, around the world.:)

  3. Great ideas for decorating with old maps and globes! I love looking at maps to see what we can visit in the area. We love traveling so much that we sold our house and travel full-time in our motorhome.

  4. Loving the maps and globes! I’ll have to do something like this for Italy when I get there. I’m moving in June to Italy, so I should be needing plenty of maps!

  5. Love all of these! My husband just loves old maps and collects them! I think when he gets his own man cave I’ll try to incorporate some of these in a manly grrrr.. kinda way!

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