What’s for Dinner ?

Hey …

Today i would like to share with you this brilliant trend. If you too looking for ideas to decorate empty walls, this post is specially for you …..

Now, it’s the right time to bring out your old, lovely, precious vintage plates and hung them nicely on your empty wall –  You will get a very simple and creative solution.

The options for hanging are endless. Most important is the composition- how you will organize the plates on the wall, You might want to pay attention to the size of the plates, the distance between them, their colors & patterns among themselves and against the wall .

Just Before you hung them, You can  ” rehearsed ” the arrangement you like on the floor/table … that will save you from creating ugly nail marks on the wall.

For inspiration…  Here are some collection of pictures that i really love.  Enjoy!


Mix of plates and vintage pictures –

Vintage floral plates – (This are my favorites)

lovely mix & match colors around makes it a work of art walls -

If You really love this trend but don’t have the plates or you are still working on your collection, Wallpapers  is another amazing idea.

Can you believe it ? such a gorgeous wallpaper can do the job too :


After You got some inspiration you can now work with you imagination …

Have a Lovely day   XoXo   Rachel  


Credits :Pip Studiolouiserastallhomedit.