Suitcases full of Memories…


Hi Everyone…

Here I am back again after a long time being away from you…I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I am sure some of you may have traveled home or to an exotic getaway or any warm places…..

Did You took a suitcase with you ? Of course you did.

Suitcases are filled with memories of the past trips…The stickers and the tags, the wear and tear on old suitcases can indicate how old they are and how many memories and experiences they hold…

I have always been amazed by people’s imagination to turn out an old and used item to something truly beautiful and different. One of my new loves is the trend of using  old vintage suitcases in decor. Here I found some fabulous ways to reuse old suitcases to make them functional and creative.

Vintage Suitcase Furniture – Chairs










Coffee Tables










 wall cabinets



And of course Not to forget to pamper our pet  with these lovely pet beds









If You really love this ideas you can purchase this incredible items on Etsy  :

Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table
Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table

Vintage Suitcase Coffee Table with Hairpin Legs

Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed

Upcycled Suitcase Pet Bed with Pedestal base

…So next time when you unpack your suitcase from traveling  just remember that Your  Memories Are and always will be forever .

As I travel down life’s pathway,
Know not what the years may hold.
As I ponder, hopes grow fonder,
Precious memories flood my soul

(Bob Dylan)

Wishing you all a happy new year. See You Here again next time … xoxo   Rachel 

Credits: Flea-Market kristanlynn, hearthandmadeuk, Atomic Attic, Dingaling Vintage.